Hi, my name is Adrian! I’m the man behind the Lost in Nature project. Through this project I express my emotions of love and respect for nature and adventure through photography 
and writing. On this first step of the project 
i will present you an unknown country from the east of europe, my country, Romania. I will show you how it's seen this country through the eyes of a Romanian. I will tell you the most known facts about this country and at same time i will tell you some unknown facts about this land.
I want to tell you my journey in this beautiful country.
Because I'm not a tourist but a traveler, the stories will have some advise for those who want to visit this land of beauty. Thanks to the love I bear for photography you can see with your own eyes what I want to tell you in my stories.
Through this project I hope I inspire you to see the beauty on this beautiful planet, not just to critice the unknown places. Don't live by stereotypes in your mind. Just be open mind my friend!