Adventure in homeland - Transylvania, Sibiu (Beautiful memories)

The second time when I arrived in Sibiu marked the second couchsurfing experience. It was one of the best experiences until now. One of...

The second time when I arrived in Sibiu marked the second couchsurfing experience. It was one of the best experiences until now. One of the reasons was because after this travel me and Sebastian, my host in Sibiu, became good friends. Is one of the few persons I trully respect for what he is doing with his life.

But came back to the story. Sibiu became my soul city in Romania. Everyday from than I’m still thinking at Sibiu. I’m so nostalgique. The air, the buildings, the people, I miss everything. The city do with me what Bucharest can’t do in six years. It transformed me in a calm and relax person, even if I was in city. The architecture of Sibiu reflex more like an old town, a museum in a big form rather like a contemporany city.

When I arrived in Sibiu I text Sebastian to reallised that I was in the city. Even if my first plan was to visit half of the city alone and after visit the rest with him.
His response was surprising positive. He told me not to worry, he will have a big pleasure to show me the unknown town. It was cool for me. I really like to see a place through eyes of a local. So, his answer make my day. But it wasn’t enogh for me. So I visited the city like at the beging respecting the first plan. And I started with the icon of the city, Piața Sfatului. Here I experienced the best Christmas in my life. Right now, unfortunatly I arrived on a cloudy day. The rain was in the air. I felt it, but that’s the 
nature. You are powerless in front of her.

Nevermind, the rain can’t stop me to visit a place like this. I enjoyed every minute spend in Sibiu. I sit down on a bench and I just watched how people walks in front of me. The feeling was just pure relaxing. Here the locals are used with tourist. Sometime the even salute me back or others just smiled me back. After this experience I ask my self if I am somehow in Romania or not. They are not so warm, but they are so kind and educated that they are so respected in world. I trully love that type of locals. I prefer a person with few words and good mind than a funny guy with many faces.

Anyway, after I spend more than a half  a hour just watching people I stand up and I walked to the highest point in Sibiu, on the evangelical church. The backgroung was so gray that it was almost scarier. But I tried to see the colors on this picture.
When I entered in the church I found here few tourists waiting for the guide. I didn’t know I will have a guide in this church. I was used without them like in Burzenland. But after I saw the tower I realised why we need a guide here. The bridge between main stairs and the tower stairs was made from rusty metal. If we didn’t had a guide who encourage us many of us have given up before we reach the top of the church. But after I arrived in the top of the tower I was so proud of me. The view was amazing, spechless. The tower had six small windows from where you can see the city and all around of it. Through on of the window I’ve seen the most beautiful view in my life. 

Not just like a traveler, but like a human bean. The mountain was covered from the top by snow and the bottom the village was alive.
From here the people were like small ants, hard working for a better life. The colors was so diverse. On the top the pure white conquered the mountain and on the other side, at the base the mountain was so green from the beautiful trees who rise from the fertile soil.

The tourists around me understood my feeling. Everybody say no words when he was up in the tower. Even the guide at one moment told us we can talk. It was allowed that. But we were astonished. The church tower succed to scaried me like sh.t, but at the same time it succed to made me the most happy person at that time. I was so proud to be born in a gorgeous country like this. Yes, I’m not from Transylvania, but I feel that the moutains are in my soul. The rivers floud my veins at every second in this heavenly country. After this beautiful revelation I called Sebi. It was before lunch and he told me after the lunch he will have some free time. After we talked at the phone we decided that we will meet in the big market. I didn’t waited him to much, but he was kind of dizzy.

- My friend you want to do something right now? I will be honest with you, you will not be the only guest of mine.
- No, I visited what I want. We can go everywhere you want. And it’s ok with me.
- Cool. Let’s go to that bookstore. Near us I was a little bookstore. In front of that store I saw two disctict girls. But I wasn’t thought  this two girls will have something in comune with us.
- Girls, I’m Sebi! We talked on the internet.
- Oo, Yes! We do, said the curly girl. I’m Maria and she is Stela.
- Nice to meet you. I want you to introduce you to one of my guest from tonight, Adrian. We will have a good experience. Said at the end Sebastian.

Now, after we meet all four of us, we went to Sebi’s place to leave our luggage and relax for a moment. On the long walk to the Sebi’s place we had the pleasure to talk with each other, to learn more about each other. Maria, was born in Paraguay and at that time she was studdent in Bologna. Stela was from Bremen and she was good friend with Maria. They meet in the Erasmus project. The view around us was marvelous. Sibiu is that type of city where you find more houses than blocks. Raised in Muntenia when I’m thinking at a city in my mind immediately pops images with block, gray background and trafic. Here everythink it’s on contrary. The trafic it’s an unknown word in the local vocabulary. The blocks are that houses wich communism tried to populate here. But they didn’t succed. The background is so green from the forrest. You must be a foul not to love this picture.

When we arrived at Sebi’s place we found a beautiful small house with one floor in a hill. The garden was in valley and everytime when I went outside I felt like I was on the top of the moutain looking down to the nature.  Was so amazing that feeling.
We didn’t stay to much time in the house because after an hour we went with Sebi in a city tour. He want to show us the least visited places in the city, but with an interesting story. We had three hours to do this together, because at the night Stela had to catch a fly to Bremen.

Out tour started in the old part of the city. Sebi bring us where I finished my personal tour. He took us to the bridge of lies and from there on the valley of the unknown. It was more of cultural tour than a tourist route. Our host show us the scouts headquarters or the signs on the walls. At the end of the route we take goodbye from Stela and went again at Sebi’s place.

There when we arrived we found Sebi’s roomates, Vali and Cristian. All three of them were students at teathre. And the house was a beautiful chaose fuilled with musical instruments, books and loots of clothes. Many of them were theatrical props.

- Hey guys, they are our guest for tonight. They are Maria and Adrian.
- Hey, Vali! He was so tall and in good shape, I even thought that he was Vlad the Impaler. It was a funny coincidence because he repeat for this role. When we opened the house the door we found him having a speech in front of the book shelf. All four of us we didn’t spend so much time then because the guys went at the teather. They had rehearsal for a play. So I and Maria stand few hour alone and relax in that beautiful house. At the begging we just chilled, talking and watching videos. But in the evening we went outside looking for a good thank you gift for our host.

We walked like an hour in the old city looking all around us and talking about everything. When suddenly I saw a wine store and I said to Maria that the wine resolve all the problems. When we entered in the store I discoverd the most beautiful place in Sibiu. We had to choose between Merlot and a Cabernet or between Sauvignon and a Pinot Gris. The smell inside was divine. It was like all the fruits had allready been smashed in front of you.

At the night when we arrived again at home we found that Sebi had allready came. So, our little surprise was no more a surprise. But he was happy anyway.

The end of the day was memorable. After couple glasses of beer, wine and some palinca we created a beautiful language who had three words in romanian and one word in english. Bacchus made our tongue so twisted that we understood together just staring to each other.

If you liked the story don’t hesitate to share with you’re friends or familly. Suport the project, if you think that it deserves it. And I invite you to read the next story from Târgu Mureș or to see the pictures from Sibiu. Take care my friends!

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