Adventure in homeland - Transylvania, Targu Mures (Paint, Whisky and Rock&Roll)

After my  last night in Sibiu, when I stayed until morning driking and having a good time with my new friends it was kind of hard to wo...

After my  last night in Sibiu, when I stayed until morning driking and having a good time with my new friends it was kind of hard to woke up in the next morning. But I’ve tried harder to do that because if I wasn’t woke up at seven a clock I’ve missed the bus. So when I went to sleep I put my phone to under my pillow and the alarm sound so loud in to my ear for the next morning. It was so loud that I thought I even woke up the hole house. Not just my roommate. When I open my eyes I wasn’t so fresh I was more like a zombie. I went to the bathroom making slalom through clothes and backpacks. Was such a chaos that I fell down twice.

I don’t know why it didn’t hurt me the falling. Was because I was so tired or it was the alcohol stucked in my veins. Probably a bit from both. Next think I do I washed my face with cold water and I felt like my face touched a big iceberg, not just the simple water.

After this sudden awakening I realised I wasn’t anymore sleepy, on contrary. But even if I was fresh my roommate was more fresher than me after she saw how was the clock. It was like I was watching  the flash make his preparations for a trip. In just five minutes this women made what I’ve done in a half an hour. I will say I was a bit gelous on her performance. After that, we put on the road, but we were like two small freezy people. It was so cold outdoor that the all windows I saw were transformed in pure ice. We just rush in this winter. When we arrived on the train station we take good bye from each other and went everyone to his path. From than my path taked me to Târgu Mureș.

Here, I learned one of my best lesson about multicultures in Romania. Yes, I stayed in a romanian house, but on the street in most of the cases I've heard people speaking in magyar. This wasn’t a problem. I knew that here a bit part of the population aren’t romanians. So don’t bodered me at all. And even I was respected because I asked polite to help me in romanian. Sure, it’s true, not many romanians act like me when they arrived here, in this land. But learning from the highschool about history of this region I understood that I must respect every kind of culture. Exactly like I want to be respected. So I wasn’t offended when a person talked with me first time in his native language and after that in romanian. It was kind of beautiful because I felt I wasn’t in my country anymore.  

This feelings and colors made Romania such a unique country. I know I will probably say it more often but Romania in my vision after this journey it’s like a minicosmopolit country. At the north you can meet ukraine mentality, at the west and in the center a big population of magyar live with many romanians. In the south-west the serbian influence it’s very considerable. On the south the friendship with bulgarians is seen at every step and on the east it’s situated the moldavian gate.

This small country it’s birth place of 19 milions people. Regardless nationality, sex or religion this country know how to live in harmony. Speaking of harmony, that was my feeling when I’ve stayed on my host, Anca.

How I say it earlier, my host was a romanian girl. I was just a bit sad on my luck. I hoped I will find a hungarian local, but after that night I do not regreate a second spend around my host. On contrary, after this journey she was one of the most open mind host I’ve had in the hole country. I arrived at her place around at six and she was at home with her little sister. I spend some time waiting outside until I arrived, because she didn’t heard my phone call. She was cleaning the hole flat and the vacum noise with the music sounds made imposible to heard the phone.

On a miracle, after half a hour she was curious and check her phone. When I entered at her place I tried to be very polite and I’ve asked her if may I sleep for a bit. I was very tired. She didn’t hesitate, but she told after that she was surprised.

- Anca, he has a funny talk. He isn’t from Transilvania? Ask her little sister.
- No. He came from Bucharest. That was the last conversation I’ve heard when I went to sleep. Isn’t bothered me, but it made me to laugh a bit. From Bucharest to Târgu Mureș are less than 400 kilometres, but the difference between people it’s enormous. The south culture had a few commune things with other region from Romania. And this comparation it’s available for every region.

It was a bless for me to meet and stay at Anca. On the night, after my beauty sleep she welcomed me with french fries and transylvanian souse, a good palinca and on the morning with a glory red wine. The meal was simple, but perfect and at the right time. 

At the meal we tried to talk to to know each other. That talk was so surprising good for me because I understood that here the teenagers are more mature in comparation with others romanian from south or east. Probably the local culture made them more mature then others. But it was a pleasure for me to have a conversation with a 14 years girl about difference between XVII century Transylvania and XXI century.  I was aspected to have this conversation with Anca, not with her sister. But this was a beautiful surprise. This wasn’t the only made by someone. After that Anca told me that the owner of her place will came on a visit. Was allright for me because more people I meet, more curious I will be.

Went more than fiver minutes, but I didn’t realise. Anca and myself we had a good talk about his job and on Claudiu apperead on the kitchen door we didn’t notice. He didn’t say anything, he just watched us, until Anca turned his face at him. After this he asked me if I’m the new guest. I say it yes and after that the fun time began.

- We will drink tonight. And he present me a whyskey bottle from his back. I didn’t refused him, he smile me so nice, so I can’t resist him. Hist ofer t was so good for me. Bit by bit, glass by glass we went to know us kind ok. We had the same college, he even worked for a radio station for a few time. And on that period I was in college and my self I worked for a radio station. Right know we had a big pleasure to make photography and travel. At that moment Anca interrupted us and told us.
- Boys if you need a room I have two. Claudiu you know better. It’s you place, I’m just a rent. The joke was so good, that no one was disturbed.
- Don’t worry Anca we just talk and drink. Like adults. I don’t know if you know that feeling.

At a certain time the drinks made ther job and I went to the restroom. When I’ve returned in the kitchen on the table I find a one metre pizza.  It was so big that at the beginning I thought it was the tableclouth, after I sit on the couch I saw the pizza. I was so shocked that I can’t say anything for few seconds. I was spechless.

- Hei, dude, if you want you can eat. It’s for everybody, don’t be shy. Said Claudiu to me.
- Even for tomorrow. I respond it. Just it I could say it after I saw that humangas pizza.
- Don’t worry about the food. You can take some slides if you want for tomorrow, on the road. Said Anca.

The morning came and we listen some rock concerts on the internet. This people from transylvania have a good music taste. We speak about rock the hole morning, until I went to sleep. The music was our language in the morning.

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