Adventure in homeland - Burzenland, Prejmer (Walk in Niflheim)

It’s said that a journey it’s a life lesson. That’s very true. Until recently if I had the oportunity to see a place, regardless of se...

It’s said that a journey it’s a life lesson. That’s very true. Until recently if I had the oportunity to see a place, regardless of season or weather I would have gone without to many thoughts.

Eee, sometimes it’s important a tough lesson, but a good one. So here I am on the first day of the new year at the -25 degrees, curled up in a wagon going to the nowhere.

Unfortunately all now I've got to see was an odd side of Brașov. Because was the first day of the year in the train station were just the homeless or the old people. The train left me in a station that resemble more like a old weak foster care, drained of life, poor and lost.

I felt that I was more in the limbo, not in a train station. The first circle of hell it became my friend. It seemed to be hot in the train station, but was a sad and smelly heat. Anyway I decided to sit down and read. So I took the book stealth in backpack and I start to read. I was meant to wait in this station for many hours. I was lost in these mystic mountains.

Time has passed and next to me came a little boy, a small smuggler. I saw on his face he wanted to rob me, but he was a little scared. I don’t know why, but I was disappointed of his approach. Right now I saw I’m not anymore in Bucharest, the capital seems like a savana besides Brașov.

I left the station with a strange taste in my mouth and I do momentum towards the first avenue I see. I was looking for place where to sleep. Even now I don’t know what was in my mind at that time. It was the first day of the year, who was aspecting to find a place to sleep in a city like Brașov!

I lose much time lost in this cold. It seems that was the end of the nature. Gaia give me signs that she will not send another summer anymore. I got lost in three hotel receptions where I revived  my completely frozen veins. But at some point I decided to go on a gas station. I wanted to drink something warm or even to put something in my stomach. The cold dried up all my energy, it brought the primate to the light.

Once I sat at a table in the only place alive in Brașov I start to ask for some indications the man inside. So he gave me the name of the only hotel which was moved with compassion for my money. Thanks to this experience I’ve learned something important. No matter how hard you keep at your principles and no matter how well intentioned they are sometimes you have to leave the pride aside and take care of your health.

The next morning, after the happy awakening I had my breakfast at the restaurant of hotel. Was a coquettish one, I like it. They even had a swedish buffet full with cakes. Uuu, cakes! After I finished my breakfast I went to bus station in the west part of the city. Here I found a lone drive accompanied by a strange dog.

At the beginning the brown eyes of the dog   examined me from up to down. Later they became my guides in this white cold. However, until I moved my body from that place it took me some time.
When he touched his tail of my body my fear that I had when I saw his gaze fixe on me disappeared. This lump of heat found in the frozen land helped me to rediscover the abondoned heat. After I spend a few minutes near to a stove metal the driver asked me if I want go to the unknown.

That thirty minutes spent on the thread of asphalt was quiet. I didn’t expect to be any tropical heat in his van, but the smell I will remember from long time from now on. Because it was a powerfull smell of potato rather a public car. The side windows had frosted over, the steam easily transformed into the veins of ice.

After several stops which meant bus stations through the mountain town we finally reach the final destination, Prejmer, the village without people. The end of the road was nearly the fortified church, my main objective. The ticket office was more like a former checkpoint of the medieval fortress. The inside of the checkpoint I will remember much time from now, because outside was -25 and inside was like a tropical climate. I think that stove give off minimum 50 degrees, if not more. I felt how my blood snaps in veins.

I do my traveler duty and buy a ticket, not before stealling heat for my body. Once I went outside from the small room I was amazed by the courtyard. The architectural style was beautiful and made me speachless. But at same time the cold air coming from the old walls terrified me a lot.

Behind me I hear some voices. Their germanic language made me think at the medieval era and the all atrocities from that time. My fear disappered for a few moments when in one of the rooms I found a ball of fur. A beautiful gray kitten bring my smile again. This little one pushed me to visit the wall from inside. For minutes I walked through darkness and cold. The wind slowly and loudly through the boards under my feet. I felt that at every step 
I will be shocked by a dead person. I expected to be embraced by any ghost or vampire.

Overall the visit in Prejmer was magnifique. It was one the best lessons, if not the best lesson of my journey in Romania. Certainly I will not repeat some mistakes from now on, but I’m not regreting anythink. There is no perfect man, to err is human.

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