Adventure in homeland - Burzenland, Ghimbav (The Fortress of the Thirty Souls)

The third experience of mine in Burzenland brings me again in Brașov, at my favorite familly. After a month I came back at my friend, Da...

The third experience of mine in Burzenland brings me again in Brașov, at my favorite familly. After a month I came back at my friend, Dan. He was so happy to see me again. But much happier was his parents. I felt so blessed to be appreciated by some nice and beautiful.

I arrived in Brașov kind of late. It was before midday and on that day Dan was free from work. So we choised to stay in the city and the next day I will go to Ghimbav. In Brașov we stayed in a bar and we stayed at stories. After our little chit-chat we visited again the little fortress of Brașov and watched from up the Tâmpa peak. It was amazing like allways. In front of our eyes was the old city and in the back it was the mountain. Even if you’re not a nature lover here you will realize how gorgeous it’s the Earth.

After this beautiful day Dan and I go back at his parents place to eat and rest. At home we found just his mother. Dan’s father was at work, for the night shift. Again, was a true pleasure for me to talk with madam Silvia. 

This lady teached me in two day more like anybody in three years in Bucharest. She is a great woman with a big life experience. After many stories and advises I went to bed, not the other, but on next day I had to catch a bus at the first hour of the morning. And I’m not used to waking up early.

When I arrived in Ghimbav I had a deja-vu. The fortified church was near. The streets was empty. At that hour all the people who didn’t sleep were in bar drinking coffe or liquer.  I took the classic route around the wall, seeking an open door. But that it’s for another day. I found nothing. The frustration was so big. Like nobody was  there. So I start to ask people on the bar if anybody have an ideea how can I see the church. Who guards the church. Nobody knows. Nice! I went outside, I sit on a bench and thinking. And from nowhere an old man came at me and told he can save me.

- Hey boy! Morning. I heard you want to visit the church.
- Yes! You know how can I visit the church? I was asking surprinsed and happy I found him or more he found me.
- Yes. Right know I was going to the guardian of the church. If you want we can go together. It’s near here and there you can talk with him
- Ooo, sir you saved my day. I was very sad, because I didn’t  know how can I see this place and people from here told me to wait until twelve a clock.
- Don’t worry boy! It isn't necessary to wait three hours. We walk together and Michael and he will help you. It’s a nice fellow.

After we pass through three houses we arrived at a yellow, small, rustic house with a big garden. I assumed that was Michael’s house. The old man open the gate and entered in the garden. Right at that moment a dog start to barking. I’m not afraid of dogs, but that beast wasn’t a dog but Cerberus.

- Aaa, son I think you want to wait outside. The dog want to play and you don’t want to know how.
- I’m at the same line with you father. I will gladly wait outside. It’s not a problem for me. And than we laughed.

When I closed the gate I heard yeeling ‚Michael’. It was obvious, the old man appealed at the first channel of communication, howling. After eight-nine minutes our man came out.

- Hi. You must be the curious kid who want to visit the church.
- Yes. I hope I didn’t disturbe you. I just want to see the church.
- Don’t worry my child. Anyway I had some business in the garden. So it’s my pleasure to help you.
- Michael, take care my friend. See you later!
- Yeah man. Have a good day. Servus!
- Ciao boy. Have a good trip and enjoy your moments here.
- I will sir. Thank you again for your help.
- It was a pleasure child. Said to me the old man who help me.

After that I saw that my guide, mister Michael, had a whatever behavior. But he was so positive and friendly with me. Just it wasn’t have the same energy like me. But except this problem he was the best guide in Burzenland.

- This is you first fortified church you are visiting?
- No, I was in Prejmer and Codlea.
- Ooo, I see. So you know something about this type of churches.
- I read something about it. But about Ghimbav I know nothing. It’s something special about this place?
- Yes. But the special think it’s kind of sad. Today, this place have just thirtieth people who came here to pray.
- Just thirtieth! I hear right?
- Yes. Unfortunately after the communism was established in Romania many of the german from this area left Romania for East Germany.
- Wow, more than one thousand people left the town!
- It’s like today. Many romanians left Ghimbav for any western european country.
- That’s true. You’re right sir. I said these words with sadness.
- I’m old, but not for nothing. I lived my life with wisdom.
- Sir, I’m curious. Everybody here talk to you with Michael, not Mihai. Why? You are not romanian?
- No. I’m Magyar. I’m the only magyar guardian of a german church in this land.
- Ooo! That it’s a nice fact. Nice to meet you sir.
- My pleasure kid. By the way, I didn’t know your name boy.

The experience in the church was like the fly experience. With another church seen I wasn’t so scared anymore. I get used with the feeling. And mister Michael was a true man with an unique character.

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