Adventure in homeland - Burzenland, Codlea (A Utopian Community)

If in Prejmer I told you how great and nice the staff treated me, here you will hear a different side. I was a bit sad when I experien...

If in Prejmer I told you how great and nice the staff treated me, here you will hear a different side. I was a bit sad when I experience this, but it wasn’t my first time when I meet a bad character in good position. All began when I arrived near the old church of town. But the all doors were closed, so after I searched for a open door I start to ask people.
At that hour many of the people were in the bar. In a small place like this town you have not many things to do, so you chat with the friends and drink at the only bar from the village. I opened the door and a old guy in my right looked at me like a stranger came with a pistol at him. I walked to the bartender and asked him if he knows how can I enter in the church.

- Hello, good morning fellows! You have any idea how can I enter in the church?
- It’s closed!
- Yes. I checked two times and I didn’t find any open door.
- In this case my friend, you walk on the other side of the road. You see that big building in the center?
- Yeahh.
- Go there. That’s the deanery. There certaintly you will find the priest. But I don’t know if you know, but this is a catholic church. Not an orthodox one.
- I know man. It’s not my first time when I visit this type of churches. It’s not a problem for me, on the contrary.
- Ook. Take care than.

It was kind of odd, the guy looked at me after like a spiritual traitor. I didn’t understood why, but I walked like nothing happened. When I entered in the deanery I found myself in a long hall without any light. In my mind, in a small place of the brain the horror movie start. I made myself many dark scenario. I knew it wasn’t a good ideea, but I couldn’t control my thoughts anymore.

Anyway I find a door in that dark and I knock at it. I saw a name on the door and I assumed it’s the name of the priest.

- Ja!
- Sorry. I have question. May I visit the church? I tried to enter in the garden but I didn’t find any door open.
- Ooo, wait a minute please. I will send you a person who will open the door and will guide you in the church.
- Thank you sir.
- Yeah, yeah. His voice didn’t please anybody. He had a rude behavior. He treat me like i didn’t exist. He even didn’t look me in the eyes when he talk with me. But, at the other side, the women who helped me to see the church was very kind with me. Even if she didn’t speak romanian very well she tried the best.
She was saxon, the minority who build the all fortified churches from Burzenland.

- So, my boy where you came?
- From Bucharest ma’am.
- And you came alone from Bucharest to see the church! She was surprinsed.
- Yeah ma’am. I heard they are gorgeous and unique.
- This is true. But just by yourself, it’s surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, but not so many people do what you do now.

After this talk, the lady took me in a room full with paintings. Most of the paintings talked about communism era, when the town had a big flower greenhouse. It was the biggest greenhouse from area.
I didn’t knew that. Was a surprinsing story for me. I came for the medieval story and I was surprised with the good memories from 60’.

- Ma’am the people in town regrets when they think at the communism?
- Kind of. The good part was that everybody had a job. Right now the young people go to work in Brașov or abroad. It’s a sad story for our community.
- That’s just for germans or for everybody?
- No my child! Everyone suffere now. Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, none of us escape.
- Ma’am this problem exist in the hole country, you are conscious.
- I know child. That’s why is a more tragic.

After this revelaions the lady took me in the garden and in an end to the church.
When I stepped from the garden in the church a cold  blast caught me and passed through my hole body. It was like an entity possessed me for a second. In the first moment of mine in the church like a medieval flashback strike me.

It was so strange I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t play in my life a cosplay or a medieval game. But my mind created a perfect medieval univers with priests, peasants, knights, king and queen.

- It’s not beautiful? Asked me the guide. On that moment I didn’t know what kind of feelings I had. But to be polite I said yes. I didn’t lie. But I didn’t said the hole true. I was a bit trealed. The walls told me stories from a unknown univers for me. I was skeptical. It was the second time in a fortified church for me, but right now I was more scared like no time.

Probably because right now the guide let me to visit the church by myself. She stayed outside and wait me to finish the tour. At the beginning I was very happy because she give me the intimacy. But after five minutes at every step I thought it’s someone behind me. It was like a horror movie.
From the side door of the church the lady said to me I can visit even the tower if I want. I was so scared. Before she told me that I saw the wooden stairs and I didn’t like how it creaked.

Overrides all emotions the experience in Codlea teached me a beautiful lesson. Transylvania will never dissapointed me. All traditions, history, people and landscape are heavenly.

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